Felicity is a representational artist who works in oils and is inspired by nature. Felicity aspires to understand and learn from the natural world by observing and documenting. Her work demonstrates a lively connection, response and interaction with her surroundings. 

"I love nature and painting. My paintings are a homage to mother nature. I strive to create paintings which celebrate wildlife, inspire the soul and make you feel good."

Based in Hampshire, Felicity paints both "en plein air" and in her Studio. Her style has been described as "... bold mark making with thick impasto paint resulting in energetic realism".  

Felicity exhibits with the Royal Society of British Artists, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Society of Wildlife Artists, exhibitions held at the Mall Galleries, London. Currently Felicity is working towards her first solo exhibition, April 2022. Details to follow. 


“The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of”

Leonardo da Vinci