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Becoming a Legend: How Arianna Grace Fulfills Her Destiny in B. Kristin McMichael's Blue Eyes Trilogy

Becoming a Legend: A Review of B. Kristin McMichael's Second Book in the Blue Eyes Trilogy

If you are a fan of young adult paranormal novels, you might have heard of the Blue Eyes Trilogy by B. Kristin McMichael. This series follows the adventures of Arianna Grace, a girl who discovers that she is not a normal human, but a night human, a leader of four clans of supernatural creatures. In this article, I will review the second book in the trilogy, Becoming a Legend, and share my thoughts on the plot, the characters, and the themes.

B. Kristin McMichael -02- Becoming A Legend

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What is the Blue Eyes Trilogy?

The Blue Eyes Trilogy is a young adult paranormal series that consists of three books: The Legend of the Blue Eyes, Becoming a Legend, and Winning the Legend. The series was published between 2013 and 2014 by Lexia Press. The books are available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon and other online platforms.

Who is B. Kristin McMichael?

B. Kristin McMichael is an American author who writes fantasy and paranormal novels for young adults and adults. She has a PhD in biology and works as a scientist by day and a writer by night. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. Some of her other works include The Day Human Trilogy, The Chalcedony Chronicles, The Skinwalkers Witchling Trilogy, and The Merworld Trilogy.

What is Becoming a Legend about?

Becoming a Legend is the second book in the Blue Eyes Trilogy. It continues the story of Arianna Grace, who is about to turn seventeen and face new challenges as the leader of four clans of night humans: dearg-dul (vampires), baku (dream eaters), tengu (bird shifters), and lycan (werewolves). While she tries to balance her duties and her personal life, she also has to deal with enemies who want to take her power or her life.

Main Body

The Plot

The plot of Becoming a Legend is fast-paced and full of twists and turns. It picks up where the first book left off, with Arianna preparing for her seventeenth birthday, which is a significant event for night humans. She has to choose between three boys who are vying for her attention: Devin, her dearg-dul protector; Turner, her baku friend; and Andrew, her lycan cousin. She also has to face threats from Edward Lucan, an ambitious baku who wants to lead all the clans; Lord Seeger, a dearg-dul lord who killed her grandfather; and other unknown enemies who are plotting against her.

The Conflict

The main conflict in Becoming a Legend is between Arianna and Edward Lucan, who is using his nephew Andrew to lure Arianna into a trap. Lucan wants to take Arianna's power and use it to control the night humans. He also wants to get rid of Devin, who is his rival and Arianna's protector. Lucan is a cunning and ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

The Romance

The romance in Becoming a Legend is complicated and intriguing. Arianna has three boys who are interested in her, but she is not sure who to choose. Devin is loyal, protective, and handsome, but he is also secretive and distant. Turner is sweet, funny, and supportive, but he is also friend-zoned and inexperienced. Andrew is charming, confident, and attractive, but he is also manipulative and ambitious. Each boy has his own strengths and weaknesses, and each one offers Arianna a different kind of relationship.

The Twist

The twist in Becoming a Legend is shocking and unexpected. It reveals a secret that changes everything for Arianna and the night humans. It also sets the stage for the final book in the trilogy, Winning the Legend. I won't spoil it for you, but I will say that it involves a prophecy, a legend, and a betrayal.

The Characters

The characters in Becoming a Legend are well-developed and realistic. They have distinct personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. They also grow and change throughout the story, facing challenges and making decisions that affect their lives.

Arianna Grace

Arianna Grace is the protagonist and narrator of the story. She is a strong, brave, and compassionate heroine who cares about her people and her friends. She is also curious, intelligent, and determined to learn more about her heritage and her destiny. However, she is also naive, impulsive, and stubborn at times, which leads her to make mistakes and get into trouble. She struggles with her identity as a night human and a leader, as well as her feelings for the three boys in her life.


Devin is Arianna's dearg-dul protector and love interest. He is a loyal, protective, and handsome warrior who has sworn to defend Arianna with his life. He is also secretive, distant, and mysterious, hiding his past and his emotions from Arianna. He has a strong sense of duty and honor, but he also has a soft spot for Arianna. He loves her deeply, but he is afraid to show it or admit it.


Turner is Arianna's baku friend and love interest. He is a sweet, funny, and supportive boy who has been by Arianna's side since they met. He is also friend-zoned, inexperienced, and insecure, feeling like he can't compete with Devin or Andrew. He has a crush on Arianna, but he doesn't know how to express it or act on it.


Andrew is Arianna's lycan cousin and love interest. He is a charming, confident, and attractive boy who has been pursuing Arianna since they met. He is also manipulative, ambitious, and selfish, using his charm and his connection to Arianna to further his uncle's plans. He wants Arianna for himself, but he doesn't care about her feelings or her well-being.

Other Supporting Characters

There are many other supporting characters in Becoming a Legend who play important roles in the story. Some of them are:

  • James: Arianna's human best friend who knows about the night humans.

  • Michelle: Arianna's human friend who doesn't know about the night humans.

  • Edward Lucan: Andrew's uncle and the main antagonist of the story.

  • Lord Seeger: A dearg-dul lord who killed Arianna's grandfather.

  • Lady Catherine: A dearg-dul lady who helps Arianna with her training.

  • Damon: A tengu leader who allies with Arianna.

  • Kira: A tengu girl who befriends Arianna.

  • Ryan: A lycan leader who allies with Arianna.

  • Samantha: A lycan girl who befriends Arianna.

The Themes

The themes in Becoming a Legend are universal and relevant to young adults. They explore topics such as identity, destiny, power, responsibility, love, loyalty, friendship, family, trust, betrayal, choice, sacrifice, courage, and hope.

Identity and Destiny

a night human and a leader, and what her role is in the prophecy and the legend. She has to accept her heritage and her destiny, and embrace her power and her potential. She also has to deal with the expectations and the pressures that come with being a legend.

Power and Responsibility

Another theme in Becoming a Legend is power and responsibility. Arianna has to learn how to use her power wisely and responsibly, and how to balance it with her personal life. She has to make decisions that affect not only herself, but also her people and her friends. She also has to face the consequences of her actions and the challenges of being a leader.

Love and Loyalty

A third theme in Becoming a Legend is love and loyalty. Arianna has to choose between three boys who love her and who she loves in different ways. She has to consider their feelings, their motives, and their loyalty. She also has to deal with the complications and the conflicts that arise from her love triangle. She also has to trust and rely on her friends and her allies, who support her and protect her.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Becoming a Legend is a captivating and thrilling book that continues the story of Arianna Grace, a night human who is destined to become a legend. The book has an engaging plot, realistic characters, and universal themes that appeal to young adult readers. The book is also well-written, well-paced, and well-structured, with a balance of action, romance, humor, and suspense.

Personal opinion and recommendation

Personally, I enjoyed reading Becoming a Legend and I would recommend it to anyone who likes young adult paranormal novels. I think the book is a great sequel to The Legend of the Blue Eyes, and it sets up the stage for the final book in the trilogy, Winning the Legend. I think the book is original, creative, and entertaining, and it kept me hooked from start to finish. I also liked the author's style, voice, and imagination, and I look forward to reading more of her works.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Becoming a Legend:

Q: Do I need to read The Legend of the Blue Eyes before reading Becoming a Legend?

  • A: Yes, you need to read The Legend of the Blue Eyes before reading Becoming a Legend, because it is the first book in the trilogy and it introduces the characters, the world, and the story.

Q: Is Becoming a Legend suitable for younger readers?

  • A: Becoming a Legend is suitable for younger readers who are 13 years old or older, because it contains some mild violence, language, and romance.

Q: How many pages does Becoming a Legend have?

  • A: Becoming a Legend has 272 pages in paperback format and 294 pages in ebook format.

Q: Where can I buy Becoming a Legend?

  • A: You can buy Becoming a Legend on Amazon or other online platforms. You can also visit the author's website for more information.

Q: When will Winning the Legend be released?

  • A: Winning the Legend was released on March 7th 2014. You can buy it on Amazon or other online platforms.



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