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[S5E23] Here's To The Future (1)

They enter an exam room. The patient is a soldier too and has been referred to Owen by his CO. Callie has already been looking at the patient's scans. Callie can't see anything functionally wrong with the leg, but the patient insists he cannot move without experiencing serious pain. He's tried everything so far. Callie suggests pain management, but there's nothing she can do surgically. There is, he says. She could cut it off and replace it with a prosthetic, so he can go back to Iraq.

[S5E23] Here's To The Future (1)

Mark goes to talk to Lexie. With Meredith and Derek getting married soon, they have to move out of the attic. He wants to start looking for a condo. Derek is listening from a distance. Lexie says it would be great if he finally had a place of his own. He was actually thinking she could come with him. Absolutely, she would love to see. She says she's happy for him as she leaves with her charts. Derek hums and Mark asks how much he's heard. Derek says he was there for both him asking her to move in with him and her shutting him down. He finds it's too early for the two of them to move in together and says Mark just wants to do what Derek does. Mark claims he's thinking about his own future as life is short, setting Izzie as an example. Derek says he has a plan for Stevens.

Dr. Rebecca Swender asks Derek if he wants to remove her hippocampus. He's done the surgery before, but there's a risk she might lose her memory. It's unlikely, but it might. Dr. Swender points out she may not be able to practice medicine anymore and offers not to have the surgery and shrink the tumor with IL-2, if the tumor doesn't kill her first. There will be a test prior to the surgery to see how much her memory would be affected. As Derek and Rebecca start bickering, Izzie closes her eyes and envisions herself and Denny lying on a beach.

Rebecca shows Cristina the scans of Alison Clark. Even after extensive surgeries and chemo, the mets came back. Now with IL-2 therapy, after three months, the mets are gone. Rebecca says that Izzie should give it a chance. As surgeons, they like to cut, but sometimes, there's a better way.

Owen meets Cristina on a bench outside the hospital. He sits down with her and she says it doesn't matter how good you are or how hard you work, but your patients are still gonna die. You can always get hit by a car or have another accident. There's nothing you can do about that. She doesn't want him to die.

Someone gives a signed document back to the recruiting officer, who congratulates the doctor on having joined the army. They shake hands, and we see it's George who signed up. As Meredith's voice over says the future is never the way we imagine it, George thanks officer Seiver.

We spend our whole lives worrying about the future, planning for the future, trying to predict the future, as if figuring it out will cushion the blow. But the future is always changing. The future is the home of our deepest fears and wildest hopes. But one thing is certain when it finally reveals itself. The future is never the way we imagined it.

God, it doesn't matter how good you are. Or how hard you work. You can do all the research, you can master all the latest techniques, I mean you can be the best. You can be the best surgeon in the world, but your patients are still gonna die. 'Cause the next day, or the next month, or the next year, you know they're just gonna get hit by a car. Or find a mole on their back. There's nothing you can do about it. (turns to Owen) I don't want you to die.

Alex: Please.Izzie: Alex.Alex: Look, you went crazy. When Denny signed that DNR you went crazy. Is that what you want? You want me cutting LVAD's?Izzie: No.Alex: You wanna wreck my career? 'Cause I will, I will freakin' cut LVAD's before I let you... just... just WAIT! STOP! You don't get to quit. You don't get to quit on me. Please! Tear it up! The DNR, tear it up! (crying)Izzie: Where your eyes are supposed to be right now, I see white sandy beaches. And there's an ocean behind your head, and there are ghosts wandering in and out. I can't live like this, and I cant live if something goes wrong in that surgery I don't want any extraordinary measures taken to keep me alive. It's not what I want. I went crazy when Denny signed the DNR because I didn't understand. I didn't understand but now I do, and I need you to understand. I don't want you to go crazy, I want you to have a brilliant career, and I hope that I get to be here for that. But, if I can't I just wanna go to the other side. I don't know what's there but it's gotta be better than hospital beds and tubes down my throat. So please, please don't cut LVAD's. Just if it comes down to it, just let me go. And right now, kiss me. Please, please just kiss me and close your eyes because the beach is so distracting.Alex: (crying) Alright. (kisses her)

Meredith: We need to go talk to Izzie.Cristina: No, we are not talking Izzie into having surgery because your future husband is mad at you.Meredith: But he has a right to be mad, because we didn't talk Izzie out of surgery as her doctors we did it as her friends.Cristina: Our job as doctors is to present the options, answer questions, and let the patients decide the course of treatment. That is what we did.Meredith: Right. Except I may have presented her options as, "You're having this surgery, over my dead body!" He has a right to be mad.Cristina: Crap!Meredith: Who is it?Cristina: Come on.

In Caboose's mind, Church meets a cowardly Simmons who praises himself when he captures Church, a Grif with a funny voice who calls Simmons 'Simon', a Donut with a feminine voice who likes shopping, a Sarge whose accent changes from a stereotypical cockney to a stereotypical pirate accent, and a Tucker who brags on about things that he believes the others already know so there's no point in telling them. Church is then taken to "Mr. Caboose" where he notices Sister with a masculine voice, whom Caboose calls Church. They take Church to where Tex and Omega are, in which the two seem to be negotiating. Knowing there's no way Caboose understands how Tucker's sword works, Church uses it to attack and slay Tex and Omega, forcing them out of Caboose's mind. He then drops a grenade and kills himself to escape Caboose's mind, accidentally taking the Sister that was in Caboose's head with him. Omega then takes over Donut.

Church: Heuh, crap. Sarge, I need you to do me a favor. If I'm not outta there in ten minutes, I'm gonna need you to disable that ship. 'Cause if Tex gets out of here with O'Malley and that kid, there's no one that's gonna be able to stop her.

Tucker: If he did die in that explosion I have a feeling there's something i can do about it. I don't think death means the same thing to them as it does to us. I saw one of those tiny little ships under red base, I think Wyoming brought it with him. I'm gonna go boost it and fly it out of here.

Grey's Anatomy is the recipient of the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series - Drama, and multiple Emmy nominations, including two for Outstanding Drama Series. The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis-it's in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship. Together they're discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey. Just before Meredith Grey begins her surgical residency at Seattle Grace, she has a one night stand with her new boss, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Just call this brilliant neurosurgeon "McDreamy." Mer's future "person," Cristina Yang, strikes up a relationship with cardiothoracic ace Preston Burke. Other interns include ex-model Izzie Stevens and her insecure BFF George O'Malley, who is branded "007" by the obnoxious Alex Karev because he has a license to kill. Dr. Miranda Bailey keeps the interns in line while Chief Richard Webber keeps the hospital running. (source:

Tensions are running high at Seattle Grace with all eyes on Derek as he is set to perform his first surgery after his breakdown; attention is also set on Izzie, whose medical condition requires her to undergo a difficult surgery; and Owen has another PTSD episode that injures Cristina and traumatizes both of them, throwing the future of their relationship into question.

The fifth season of the American television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., based on the Marvel Comics organization S.H.I.E.L.D., follows Phil Coulson and other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and allies as they try to save the world from an apocalyptic future. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and acknowledges the continuity of the franchise's films. The season was produced by ABC Studios, Marvel Television, and Mutant Enemy Productions, with Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, and Jeffrey Bell serving as showrunners.

Clark Gregg reprises his role as Coulson from the film series, starring alongside returning series regulars Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, and Henry Simmons. They are joined by Natalia Cordova-Buckley who was promoted from her recurring guest role since the third season. The fifth season was ordered in May 2017. Due to its broadcast schedule, the season was split into two "pods": the first sees the S.H.I.E.L.D. team transported to a future in which the Earth has been destroyed; in the second, they attempt to prevent this future in the present. The end of the season dovetails with the events of the film Avengers: Infinity War (2018). The season includes the series' 100th episode as well as Gregg's directorial debut for the series. 041b061a72


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