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Girls Forever (1310) Mp4

The first twelve seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation are available on DVD in Region 1, with season one through four also available in Region 4.[1] Episodes are also available digitally: MTV Canada and TeenNick stream episodes on their websites; registered users of the Canadian and US iTunes Stores are able to purchase and download episodes for playback on home computers and certain iPods;[2] episodes are also available for download from Puretracks in Canada. All episodes are available to stream on YouTube in countries outside the U.S. and Canada. The episodes are in a Windows Media 10 file and the purchaser owns them forever, although the episodes can only be burned onto a disc three times and copied to a device three times.[3][4] Additionally, every episode is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace in the US.[5]

Girls Forever (1310) mp4

In the books, Blair and Serena are described as the two most beautiful girls on the Upper East Side. However, Serena seems to always end up the center of attention, something that bothers Blair to no end. Their central conflict surrounds their mutual interest in Nate Archibald, Blair's on and off again boyfriend; especially after it comes out that he cheated on Blair with Serena.

Serena returns to Manhattan in Pilot, a fact that both surprises and annoys Blair, who has taken over being Queen of Constance, the private school they both attend. Shortly after her return, Blair's boyfriend, Nate Archibald, reveals that he slept with Serena prior to her leaving town. Angered by this, Blair ices out Serena and instructs her friends and Nate to follow suit. However, in The Wild Brunch, Nate decides to secretly see Serena behind Blair's back to explain why he can't talk to her. When Blair finds out the two were planning to meet up, she decides to tell Serena's new crush, Dan Humphrey, about her sleeping with Nate. In Poison Ivy, Blair, along with the help of Chuck Bass, tries to find the real reason Serena returned to New York. After following her briefly, Chuck discovers Serena has been visiting The Ostroff Center, a rehab facility for disturbed and addicted people. Realizing this is the perfect secret to take Serena down with, Blair announces that Serena is in rehab at a school event where several Ivy League college representatives are attending. Not wanting to share that her brother, Eric van der Woodsen, is really the one in treatment after a suicide attempt, Serena doesn't put up a fight and takes the fall. Angry that Blair did this, Eric reveals to her that he is really the one in rehab. The next day, Blair finds Serena in her favorite spot in Central Park and shares a letter that she wrote her while she was still away. The two girls make up as a result.

In Bad News Blair, Serena encourages Blair to model her mother, Eleanor Waldorf's, new clothing line. Blair is happy that Serena helped her get the spotlight and relies on her for help on doing well. However, Eleanor's colleague Laurel and the photographer, Terry, convince Eleanor that Serena is the better choice for the model; as she isn't as poised and uptight looking as Blair. On the day of the shoot, Eleanor tells Blair that they chose to go with a different model. Not knowing she was replaced by Serena, Blair goes to the shoot anyway and is hurt and angry when she realizes what happened. After a brief fight with Serena, she has a talk with Dan and realizes that it wasn't Serena's fault after all. They make up and steal Eleanor's clothing line clothes to have an impromptu photoshoot of their own. On Thanksgiving in Blair Waldorf Must Pie, the girls argue after Serena sees Blair kissing Chuck. When Blair later discovers that Eleanor disinvited her father, Harold Waldorf, from coming to dinner, she relapses into her bulimia. She calls Serena for help and they end up going out together, along with Dan and his sister, Jenny Humphrey.

In The Serena Also Rises, Serena is forced to cancel watching Eleanor's Fashion Week show backstage with Blair when her mother, Lily van der Woodsen, accepts an invitation for her and her new friend, Poppy Lifton, to watch the show from front row. Hurt that Serena is abandoning their oldest tradition, Blair attempts to sabotage her at the show but fails. Also wanting to get revenge on Jenny for changing the seating chart she created for the show, Blair sends all the models home; hoping Eleanor will see Jenny as incompetent. However, Jenny has the idea to invite Serena, Poppy, and their socialite friends to walk in the show instead. Jealous, Blair sets Serena up to wear a dress designed by Jenny on the runway, hoping to cause controversy, but everyone, including Eleanor, embrace the mishap. Blair later tries to apologize to Serena, but she doesn't accept, as Poppy helped her realize that she shouldn't let her shine dimmer out of fear of hurting Blair. Soon after in New Haven Can Wait, Blair plans to head to her dream school, Yale University while Serena is off to Brown University. But after a showdown at school before departing, Serena decides to follow Blair to Yale and sabotage her. While waiting for an interview with Dean Berube, Blair overhears him laughing hard and having an enjoyable conversation with whoever he is with. When she discovers it's Serena, she is shocked and as a result, bombs her own interview. Afterwards, Serena receives the last invitation to the Dean's private party, where he invites his favorite incoming students to win a chance for early admission by answering one question. She runs into Chuck, who gives her Blair's answer to the Dean's game question. Meanwhile, Blair bribes the Dean's secretary to get her an invitation. At the reception, Serena brags that she's stealing Blair's answer, but Blair isn't fazed. When Serena's name is called, Dean Berube reads aloud the name of the man Serena thought she killed, not the answer she submitted. Serena is left speechless but Blair fills in the details on who is he. The girls go outside and engage in a physical fight before deciding their friendship is over. The next day, both head to Dean Berube's office alone to take responsibility for the scene but realize the other was there too. They make up and decide to ride back to New York together.

When Louis comes to New York to see Blair, he tells her that he's there in secret so they must keep on the down low. However, his royal minder, Jean Claude finds out he is there anyway, and Blair convinces Dan to pretend to be her boyfriend so Louis can pretend he is only in town to attend the Pink Party. Dan skeptically agrees, but worries about hurting Serena when Blair proposes they share a kiss that only Jean Claude will see. Meanwhile, Serena is suspicious of Blair sneaking around with Dan and enlists her cousin, Charlie Rhodes, to flirt with Dan at the party to see if it makes Dan jealous. Charlie is also the one to later see Blair and Dan kiss, and sends a photo of it to Gossip Girl. While this photo convinces Jean Claude that Louis is not dating Blair, this causes problems to arise between Blair and Serena (Petty in Pink). Consequently, Serena informs Louis' mother, Sophie Grimaldi, that he is dating a commoner from New York, and supplies her with a book of Blair's wrongdoings via Gossip Girl blasts. Not pleased with Blair, Sophie forbids Louis from seeing her again and plans a party for him to meet suitable girls for him to become engaged to. However, Blair is able to talk her way into the party as one of Sophie's contenders. Despite her first initial good impressions, a drunken Chuck shows at the party in an attempt to get Blair back. After embarrassing himself and her, Blair leaves the party. At home, she informs Serena that she knows she is the one who sent Sophie the book but she figured it was payback for kissing Dan. Louis overhears a brief portion of their fight and later proposes to Blair, even though he knows he does not have his mother's approval (The Princesses and the Frog). At Blair and Louis' engagement party, Serena apologizes for what she did and admits that all she's ever wished for her was true love and happiness. Blair accepts and they make up (Shattered Bass).

In The Fasting and the Furious, Serena acts coldly toward Blair, as she's jealous that Blair is the star of Dan's recently released book, Inside. However, at the Waldorf's Passover Seder dinner, she apologizes to Blair for being rude and Blair accepts. Soon after, Serena plans a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower for Blair, but asks the minions to deter her from the theme by pretending it's a cheap and boring party. Hurt that her friends don't care about her, Blair tells Louis that she wants to move to Monaco full-time to fully embrace the Grimaldi lifestyle. However, Blair is happily shocked when she arrives at the party and sees how truly her it really is. Meanwhile, Louis secretly releases Gossip Girl's sources via a list created by Nate for Serena in an attempt to show Blair how ruthless her friends really are. It comes out while the party is going on and when Blair discovers what happened, she blames Serena for posting git. Serena vehemently denies this and Blair believes her once Louis confesses he did it. Afterwards, the girls make up while eating cake (All the Pretty Sources).

In the season finale The Return of the Ring, Blair is beyond angry that Serena leaked the pages of her private diary. After Blair writes a fake entry about how Serena lied about reading The Beautiful and Damned to get her job on the film set, the girls engage in an explosive fight that ends with Blair kicking Serena out of her penthouse for good. Meanwhile, Dan sees an entry that is posted where Blair admits she is worried she will never love anyone as much as she loves Chuck and that her relationship with Dan is only intellectually stimulating. He gives her an ultimatum to meet him at the Shepherds' divorce party if she cares about him at all and Serena attempts to stop her from going to the event. When she learns Blair is indeed on her way to the party, she brings Dan into the bar and seduces him into sleeping with her while she records it. Afterwards, Dan realizes Serena manipulated him into cheating on Blair and leaves. Shortly after, Blair leaves for Paris with Eleanor and Serena begins using drugs again as she leaves the city. 041b061a72


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