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Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide ((HOT))

Artificial trees come in all sizes, from the big trees you see in the local shopping mall to the little plastic ones on the counter at your drug store. When choosing an artificial tree, consider how much space you have. Measuring the space you want to use is a good thing to do before you choose your tree.

artificial christmas tree buying guide

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This is an aesthetic concern, rather than a practical one. Most artificial trees attempt to mimic some actual evergreen tree in shape and appearance. Christmas trees are beautiful, but just as you like to match the decorations on your tree to the other decorations around your house or office, you want to match the appearance of your tree to your overall decorating scheme.

This is something that an artificial tree has over a real one. While you can pick and choose when selecting a real tree, there comes a point when you just have to take what you get. With an artificial tree, there is a wide range of specific choices that you can match with your decorating ideas. Some will be big and fluffy, and others will be thinner and straight.

Artificial Christmas trees can also come pre-decorated in a few different ways. It can be accented, meaning it can come with artificial pine cones and berries already attached. These additions can make for some nice decorations and small touches, but they are usually fixed and cannot be removed as well.

Branches on artificial trees are usually of one of two types: hinged or hooked. Hinged branches are permanently attached to the tree, and can be folded when the tree is taken down for storage. Hooked branches are not permanently attached to the trunk, and instead, are hooked on when setting up and removed when taken down.

This number measures how many actual branch tips there are on the tree. A higher-quality tree will have a higher number because the more tips, the fuller a look the tree will have. Fewer tips will make it easier to tell when a tree is artificial. In particular, if you can see through to the center pole of the artificial tree, you should probably avoid it.

Artificial trees are increasingly popular, as they last longer and are much easier to deal with. Depending on the artificial tree you choose, they can also be more ecologically responsible. Your artificial tree can be with you for years to come, however, so it is worth it to do some research and choose a tree that is just right for you.

All artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipping, so you need to fluff the branches to make them look fuller. Watch this video on how to shape your Balsam Hill tree and this one for tips and tricks on shaping individual branches.

Store your tree in a cool, dry place to keep it in good condition. Storage bags are recommended to keep dust and the elements from harming your tree. All Balsam Hill trees come with a light-weight bag/s for easy storage year after year. For more tips, read our storage guide.

Cost-effective over the long term: Up front, artificial trees are much more expensive than live trees. In 2020, a live tree on average cost $80, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, which represents the live-tree industry. (In 2021, prices rose by 5% to 10%, according to a spokesperson.) But at that average, a $400 artificial tree pays for itself after five years, and the best of them can last years beyond that.

This change required us to set our sights only on the most convincing, lifelike artificial trees, which usually carry a correspondingly high price tag. When we began this research several years ago, we were surprised to find how much a good fake tree cost. And we had an eye-opening shopping experience again in 2021, as tree prices rose across the board (subscription required) due to the widespread supply-chain issues affecting deliveries from China, where almost all artificial trees are made.

On the topic of PVC: The use of lead as a PVC stabilizer was once a genuine health concern, but this is no longer an issue in most artificial trees sold in the US, according to National Tree Company and the American Christmas Tree Association (the latter of which represents artificial-tree companies).

Virtually all contemporary artificial trees have branches permanently mounted on hinges on the center pole. Thanks to this design, they unfurl into place quickly when you set them up. We avoided the outdated designs that have you snap individual branches into sockets on the center pole one by one (a time-consuming and fussy process).

But an in-depth 2007 life-cycle study on the subject gave the edge firmly to live trees, finding that an artificial tree would have to be used for 20 years before its carbon impact fell below that of buying a live tree annually over the same timeframe. A more recent look at the topic reached similar conclusions.

We recommend an artificial Christmas tree for most people. Nowadays, many of us live busy, high-energy lifestyles and have the added responsibilities of caring for family and pets. Did you know? Some Christmas trees are poisonous and dangerous for children and pets? This is why many parents opt for faux Christmas trees to protect their families. Also, some cats have developed adverse reactions to some natural elements, and because cats are naturally curious, trees can be challenging.

Some of the benefits of artificial Christmas trees are their low-maintenance lifestyle, year after year durability, and cost-effective price. We know the holidays can be stressful for our finances, but to help ease the burden on the wallet, you can't go wrong joining team faux. In addition to being budget-friendly, plants and trees offer many health and emotional benefits. Nature helps us live longer and fuller lives, so we can spend more with the people we love.

We know this part can be a bit complicated for some of you. We understand the struggle too! But don't worry, choosing the right-sized Christmas tree is a breeze with our easy-to-follow instructions. Before measuring your space, first, decide where you want to add your new artificial Christmas tree.

This is the most popular choice when shopping for artificial Christmas trees as the standard size of ceilings is about 9'. Anywhere within this range should work in most homes without any issues. Feel free to decorate as you'd like because you won't be constrained in your decorating with a faux Christmas tree of this size.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the season and want to reminisce on those Christmas mornings from childhood, look for a lush and full artificial Christmas tree. These broad trees are ideal for when you have a wide space that needs that Christmas cheer. They are wide on the bottom then become thinner as you get on top. For those that want to get the closest to nature, get inspired and opt for a full and classic artificial Christmas tree.

Explore different types of trees and styles that might fit your palette. We have the most magical artificial Christmas trees, and the perfect one awaits you. Inspired by nature, our trees vary in realness, and this depends on the materials and finishes. For the most real fake Christmas tree, a mix of PVC and PE are materials to look out for.

We know! Spooky, right? Go all out and get creative decorating with this black Christmas tree that transitions from season to season. Stuck on how to decorate your artificial Christmas tree? Learn more in our blog.

We recommend opting for a prelit artificial Christmas tree to save money and time; dealing with difficult lights is a hassle. Many customers prefer LED lights because of their energy-efficient benefits that help save a few bucks on the electricity bill.

Shaping an artificial Christmas tree is not difficult but can take some time. Your artificial Christmas tree will arrive with an instruction manual that guides you. First, you will work in sections and shape each branch by branch and needle by needle.

From putting up your favorite ornaments to opening gifts with loved ones, the Christmas tree is an important part of many holiday traditions. Artificial trees are an excellent alternative that are designed to look just like the real thing. To help you choose the best faux Christmas tree, we've put together a guide that covers all you need to know about artificial trees. Keep reading to find helpful info about different materials, needles, and tip styles.

PVC: This synthetic material is pressed ultra-thin and then cut into slim, needle-like pieces. The material is then twisted around wire to create branches. These artificial Christmas trees are a popular choice because they're affordable and easy to fold up for off-season storage.

PE: For this type of artificial Christmas tree, the branches are created by injecting polyethylene (PE) into needle-shaped molds. Though more expensive, this process gives the branches and needles a more three-dimensional, realistic feel.

There are few tips and tricks that can help you buy the perfect Christmas tree when you're left with only artificial options. Significantly more sustainable than live Christmas tress, artificial trees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Due to the assortment of fake Christmas trees on the market, some things you'll want to consider are size, material, style, warranties, and storage. Thankfully, you've arrived at this one-stop-guide for all things artificial Christmas tree.

Before you go down the online shopping rabbit hole, take a second to assess where you want to set-up your Christmas tree. Break out a tape measure and find the height and width of the space that you're envisioning setting your tree up in. Though most artificial trees aren't going to pose much of a problem in the ceiling department, you want to make sure to also check your ceiling heights. You might have more space than you expected to buy the towering tree of your dreams.

According to Balsam Hill, artificial Christmas trees have standard heights, making them easy to purchase once you know the set dimensions. The company offers a helpful guideline for determining the perfect artificial Christmas tree height for your home. 041b061a72


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