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Akim Safonov
Akim Safonov


Speaking as a runner who enjoys a good tune during a training session (I recommend the BBC Radio One Rock Show (opens in new tab)), only having to worry about finding and charging a single device seems like a real boon. No more hunting around for my best running headphones, only to discover that their batteries are dead.


Since then, it has morphed into a service that streams music over high-speed Internet connections to computers and a widening array of other devices. The tunes are tailored to suit the individual tastes of Pandora's 94 million registered users.

Imagine the teenager next door and Beethoven dipping into the same source of music notes to create a composition. Chances are the outcome will be dramatically different; chances are the one will be pure beauty and music genius, while the other will be, well, a nice enough little tune to hum. 041b061a72


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